piatok, 21. novembra 2014

Lizzy Vlog - Update, news and others :)

Hello sorry for my bad english in this video im trully sorry! This is my first recording with my new notebook so this quality is maybe horrible :D Annd yes, our news and if you can, just if you can support us in our facebook and other pages :3

- now we recoording one main CMV about PruAus pair :3 and we finally recording second part for us first CMV Prussia´s Cursed Life :3

OUR cosplay PLAN:
- Taiwan, Vietnam, Madam Red, Grell and others :3

LizzyANT tumblr - http://lizzyant.tumblr.com

PACKAGE from ALIEXPRESS n.7 - 20.nov.2014

Yay... finally CAME my cute SnK flag :3

PACKAGE from ALIEXPRESS n.6 - 13.nov.2014

Next PACKAGE is HERE and im so HAPPY :3 
With my new super cute SnK patches :3

PACKAGE from ALIEXPRESS n.5 - 11.nov.2014

Next PACKAGE is HERE and im so HAPPY :3 
With my new super cute HUNGARY FLAG :3

PACKAGE from ALIEXPRESS n.4 - 11.nov.2014

Next PACKAGE is HERE and im so HAPPY :3 
With my new super cute PRUSSIA FLAG :3

PACKAGE from ALIEXPRESS n.3 - 10.sept.2014

My next PACKAGE was TWO wigs :3 I was so happy when come :3

PACKAGE from ALIEXPRESS n.2 - 7.sept.2014

YAY.. finally i HAVE my first binder :3 And here is test :)
Yeah im know im FAT :/

PACKAGE from ALIEXPRESS n.1 - 6.sept.2014

Yay... i love shopping in aliexpress :3
In this big pack... big pack because this all arrived in SAME day :3

Turquoise, long, straight

- Miku Hatsune

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Black, long, curly

- Taiwan
- Tardis (maybe)
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

utorok, 28. októbra 2014

pondelok, 27. októbra 2014

My fiveteen COSPLAY Project! (Twilight Sparkle - MLP - human school version)

This is my next half non-sewed cosplay, only sewed part in this oslay is my tutu skirt :3

My eighteen COSPLAY Project! (Satsuki Momoi - KnB - Teiko uniform)

In this costume is only sewed part is my skirt :3

My fourteen COSPLAY Project! (Sakura Sakurakouji - CODE: Breaker)

Only what is sewed in this cosplay is skirt, and red ribbon, and my hand,ade headdress :3

My nineteen COSPLAY Project! (Takano Masamune - Sekai-icho Hatsukoi)

AGAIN one of my non-sewed cosplay!

My twenty COSPLAY Project! (Princess Izayoi - InuYasha)

So finally brings me to add here, slowly all their costumes, and something about them.

Sewing this costume gave me a hard time whereas I have went heavier sew pink, top costume. Because I broke it about ten times. And I had to quilt more times, because I was spoiled.

I rly like her, character, and this ALIVE costume is rly perfect! Because i like this old form japan princess, costumes :3

My seventh COSPLAY Project! (Prussia - casual Punk)

This only non-sewed cosplay by me...
Cosplay inspired by Junko pic :3

sobota, 29. marca 2014

BOY cosplays

:heart: NEZUMI :heart: (MAYBE LATER)
- Eve´s version (???)
- Black version (???)
- Green version (???)
- ???

:heart: KANDA YUU :heart: (MAYBE LATER)
- 1st uniform (???)
- 2nd uniform (???)
- 3d uniform (???)
- ???
- ???
- ???

Takano Masamune - Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
- Casual 1 (COMPLETE)

GIRL cosplays

:heart: WHITE QUEEN :heart:
- Queen dress (COMPLETE)
- ???
- ???
:heart: Yukari Hayasaka :heart:
- Blue dress (???)
- Yellow dress (???)
- White dress (???)
- ???
- ???

 :heart: YUI HIRASAWA :heart:
- Dont say LAZY dress (COMPLETE)
- Uniform MANGA (???)
- Uniform ANIME (???)
- Cosplay 1 (???)
- Death Devil (???)
- Fan Art (???)
- Fuwa Fuwa Time (???)
- Halloween Dress (???)
- Chrismas Dress (???)
- Let´s GO! (???)
- Listen! (???)
- Summer Uniform (???)
- Kimono (???)
- ???
- ???

:heart: Kururi Orihara :heart:
- Black hoodie, white pants - [Psyche version] - (COMPLETE)
- Black hoodie, white skirt - [Psyche version] - (COMPLETE)
- Green hoodie, yellow skirt - [Anime version] -
- Dress to Hibiya version - [Hibiya version] -
- other FanArt version

:heart: Sakura Sakurakouji - CODE: Breaker :heart:
Summer uniform  (COMPLETED)
- ??? (???)
:heart: Satsuki Momoi - KnB :heart:
Teiko uniform (COMPLETED)
- ??? (???)

Twilight Sparkle - My Little Pony
- School human form (COMPLETED)
- Night princess human form (COMPLETED)